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  1. Thank you for this post with all of the good info. One thing I cannot find an answer to – what do you do with the trim pieces tacked in the corners? My bathroom has patterned wallboard with matching trim sealing the corner seams. Do you leave those and wallpaper over them? I am worried that the corners may rip when the RV is moving. Thank you for any advice!

    1. Hi MJ, thank you for your reply. I didn’t wallpaper over the corner seams because I had trouble before to keep the wallpaper in place. There is a picture in the article where you can see it well. Hope it helps.

  2. Hi. Just found your site and was excited to read your article about using the peel-and-stick wallpapers to update your RV. Do you realize that some of your pictures are missing and don’t load?
    Thanks again for what I can see!

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