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    1. Hi Sari, I also used Milk Paint, the same paint I used on the cabinets. But I added at least 4 coats of Top Coat to protect the paint. It held up great. All the links are in the article. Hope this helps.

  1. Hello,
    I bookmarked your site, so helpful!! I loved the bathroom floor stencil design.
    I was looking for info on updating a plastic RV toilet. I thought it would be in this article. My bathroom is black and white. My idea was to use white in the bowl and black on the exterior. I’d cut the 2 colors someone near the rim.
    My biggest problems are the question of what paint to use that’s waterproof for plastic. And can I buy it in a small quantity. I prefer spray on, could you please suggest something for me.
    Thanks a bunch for this wonderful site.

    1. Hi Bell, thank you for your nice words.
      Yes, use the appliance spray from Rustoleum to update your toilet. I sprayed my yellowish-looking toilet with the white spray paint from Rustoleum. Still looks great. Just make sure you clean it well before spraying, it has to be completely dry. Cover everything, especially the floor. Also, be careful of the fumes. Wear a mask.
      Hope this helps.

  2. Thank you! These tips are exactly what I needed to update my well-cared-for, yet extremely dated 1997 Winnebago Brave.

  3. How long do you have to wait before you can use the RV bathroom sink that has been spray painted?

    1. Hi Betty, I think I waited maybe an hour. The spray paint dries pretty fast, depending on how much paint you use. It is actually best if you spray it on one day, and then add some more paint the next day. Also, read the instructions of the spray paint you are using. Hope this helps.

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