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  1. I peeled the wallpaper boarder off but it left a sticky residue behind,I’ve tried tons of different things to remove it like TSP even used something to try to scrape it off but it’s still there how can I get it off so I can paint the walls?

    1. Hi Vikki, sorry about your trouble. The only thing I can recommend is Pure Citrus Air Freshener, many have had good results using this. I haven’t used it as my wallpaper border came off without any residue. Another option is to use a blowdryer to warm the residue in order to scrape it off better. I hope this helps.

  2. I have brass hinges and pulls on my cabinets. I was gonna get new but painting them might work. Any advice for prep or brand of paint to use on metal? I’m afraid the movement of the hinges will cause them to crack and peel or the paint will be too thick for them to work.

    1. Hi Tammy, clean them with TSP or a deglosser, use a spray primer and then spray paint them with appliance spray. Just let them dry long enough before putting them back on. To make sure that the paint doesn’t peel off, add a protection spray. You can get the items from Rustoleum in your hardware store.
      You can use the spray paint on other decors too. Hope this helps.

  3. You mentioned that you painted the countertops also. What are they made of? Ours is like a solid surface that is dark brown. Can you paint this type?

    1. Hi Crystal, my countertop is like a Formica-type countertop. I also used Milk Paint to paint over it and then added about 3-4 coats of Top Coat. No issues at all. Just make sure you clean it well before you start painting. I always use deglosser to get all the grease and dirt off. You can also lightly sand over it. Hope this helps.

  4. These are awesome tips! Thanks so much for sharing. I had a hard time with trying to get my camper up and going for some winter trips this year, but we are now looking forward to spring with some beautiful cabinets and walls. All that’s left cosmetically is to add a floor.

  5. Hi Connie.
    I live in northern mn and I’m just itching to get into my new to me rv and give it my tlc.
    I want to paint ceiling and walls. I have already washed them . My question is. … Would it be ok to paint now , with temps in the 30’s . If I heat camper to 50 or so degrees .. for a few days ? Especially after for curing?

    1. Hi Lori, I understand that you can’t wait to get into that camper. I remodeled mine in cold temperatures and froze my hands off. If you read the paint instructions, they normally suggest having a room temperature of around 70, so keep the camper at least at 60 to make the paint dry and cure well.
      Make sure there is no detergent on the walls, wipe it down with clear water after washing. Start with the ceiling.
      Good luck and send pictures.

  6. My camper has a rubbery type “tape” that runs along the place where the walls meet the ceiling and where walls meet the walls. Just got the camper so I’m not sure what it is called. Maybe a weather seal? In any case, do I paint over that? Around it? Remove it? Advice appreciated! Thanks.

  7. Hi. So my walls are a light beige and I want to paint white. Do I need to sand the walls first? And since I’m not going dark fo light will a paint with primer be sufficient or do I need to prime first? TIA

    1. Hi Julie, no you don’t need to sand the walls first. Wipe them down and make sure there is no dust or grease on the walls. Get a Sherwin Williams paint with primer included and 2 coats of paint should be enough. Have fun doing this, it will look awesome.

  8. If we didn’t use milk paint, just a regular interior paint on the cabinets,
    Should we (can we?) still use the top coats to protect it? We are
    Finding it’s not adhering very well ?

    1. Hi Rachel, you can try but I have never done this.
      I either use milk paint or chalk paint because it just works so well and this is what I am recommending.
      Clean the cabinets well (use deglosser) then try on the inside of a cabinet if it works out.
      If yes, let it dry a couple of days and then use the top coat.
      Hope this helps.

  9. When I ordered the milk paint on amazon that you listed I ordered snow white. In the description it says to not use a top coat that it will turn the cabinets yellow. Should I still apply the 3 coats?

    1. Hi Charise, you have to apply the top coat because it protects the paint from scratches and chips. Snow white in combination with a top coat tends to yellow a little bit after some time. It depends on the light in your Camper if you can actually see it, but just be aware of it. It will look awesome.

  10. Hi! I followed your tutorial and when I started to peel of the paint it ripped off some of the paint and primer. Is this a bad sign? Did my kilz primer not work? Or was my paint too tacky. I’m freaking out that I’m going to have to repaint everything. Help!! 🙂

    1. Emily, you mean you peeled off the tape? You have to let it dry before you do that. Did you use milk paint, or are you talking about the walls? Don’t freak out, let it dry and use a knife to cut down at the edge of the tape to be 100 % sure. Let me know how it goes.

    1. Hi Shelley, most of RV’s have paper covered fake wood. So it shouldn’t be an issue to paint it. Either use Milk Paint or Chalk Paint to paint the cabinets. It is always good to try it out on the inside of a door before you paint the outside, just to be 100 % sure.

        1. Hi Kasia, no actually not. If you let the paint dry in between coats and don’t water the paint down it is no issue. The wallpaper isn’t really wallpaper in RV’s, it is somehow cardboard/plywood/wallpaper, so very hard to remove.

          1. Hi Lauren, most of the cabinets in campers have lightweight cabinets with paper coating. Therefore I recommend not to sand but clean it with deglosser. Always try it out first, best is to paint the inside of a cabinet or door to be sure it works. It worked well with my cabinets. Let me know how it went.

  11. If your camper needs a bit of a makeover, or if you just need a change then painting the walls and cabinets is an excellent idea. I find that changing the color immediately gives you a whole new look and feel.

  12. I may have missed it but you talk about colors but not what type of paint. Oil based, flat, gloss?

    1. Hi Sheila, sorry if I wasn’t specific on the paint. I am using interior paint with primer included, water based for the walls. (I normally use Sherwin Williams paint). I do not recommend a flat finish, it is harder to paint, and you can’t wipe it down.
      For cabinets I use Milk Paint from General Finishes.
      Hope this clarifies,
      Conny xoxo

  13. My RV walls have a fabric look. One area has mold (I have treated with mold killer) and I would like to paint with the kind of paint that kills mold. My RV guy told me I could not paint over it. Have you ever painted fabric. I could use Kilz. Thanks

    1. Hi Teresa, it depends on how much mold there is and if it is gone. I would be careful. If it is just a small area you can certainly treat it and scrape it off. But before you paint it, the mold has to be gone and the area dried out.
      Is it hard to take the fabric off the wall? And then put new wallpaper up or if the wall looks good just paint it then? Send me a picture if you can.

    1. Hi Norma,I used glass tiles but applied them one by one next to each other without grout (I took them off the net). These tiles are from Italy, but I have a link of similar backsplash on the post “Camper Remodel Ideas on a Budget”. Hope this information helps you. See you Conny

    1. Hi Cindy, no I did not move the couch because I wanted to keep it and it would have been a lot of work to get it out. Yes, it is screwed into the floor. Just cover it up and paint around it. Works well. Cheers Conny

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